Saturday, May 30, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to find a 2002 Kona Stinky. I was pretty excited to find a freeride bike and get back to riding my trails.

I had to do a little work to get a line up and running again, but now it's pretty close to where it used to be.

There are no big hits on this line, just fun and a little fast, with a couple little jumps.

I have to say it felt pretty good to get back out on my trails and have some fun.

I always thought that this was one of the flowiest line on the property.

Now, to get the other lines back and running, and start hitting some drops......

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First REAL ride of the year

I took the Heckler out this morning. I wasn't feeling all that motivated, but I just got up and went. I headed out to the local trails and rode. Mostly the flat peddaly stuff, because I am pretty out of shape, and was in no mood for challenging climbs. I had to take a couple of rest breaks, but got in a few miles and really enjoyed it.
The shifting on the Heckler isn't exactly dialed, but it wasn't much of a problem. On the short climbs I had, the bike climed very well. On the slower tech stuff the bike felt a little mechanical, but the faster it gets, the better the bike felt. And when the trail goes downhill, the Heckler is a natural. I caught a little air on every rock and root I could and it felt great. Can't wait to get a little fitter and see what this bike can do!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First day of trail work

I put a little effort into a trail today. Still being out of shape, I decided that a decent line was in order. Moving leaves, brush and logs, kicking dirt and building log-overs. Only got a short section done, but it is a fun one, on the side of a steep hill. Keep to the right, or you'll know quickly you've screwed up. Lot's of rocks below, even ones harder that MY head! Looks like this will be a fun trail. As soon as I have some noteworthy sections finished, I'll post some photos.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 1 (back to biking)

I have allowed nearly two full seasons to pass without riding and I find myself hitting the trail again. First, a little history....I was once, what I felt, a fairly accomplished mountain biker, a free rider specifically.

I shared a lot of great times with great friends, but of course, I still had a family to support. Therefore, one must have a job. Hard work and heavy lifting meant that most of my riding happend when my body was less than 100 percent.

After a lot of pain, physical therepy, prescription meds, and no success, I made a fateful decision. I would stop ridnig for a while, and see if my condition improved. Two years later, here I am. No better off, and no great riding memories from the last two seasons. So I have decided to throw myself back into my beloved sport. Slowly at first, but it is my belief that if I start riding again, at the very least, I can have my fun. And with any luck, less pain as well.

So, I bought a used xc bike, a 2004 Heckler, and dedicated myself to getting back into shape. That is what this blog is about, my journey back to where I left off.

Today, after work, I headed out on my new(to me) bike across the road from my house on an old loggging road to "get my feet wet." It was about 30 degrees, and a light coat of snow covered the ground.

After only two short ups and downs, I was breathing hard, my heart was pounding, and my legs were spent....I BONKED!!! But somehow, it still felt great! The bike performed very well, and I am very excited about the upcoming season.