Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 1 (back to biking)

I have allowed nearly two full seasons to pass without riding and I find myself hitting the trail again. First, a little history....I was once, what I felt, a fairly accomplished mountain biker, a free rider specifically.

I shared a lot of great times with great friends, but of course, I still had a family to support. Therefore, one must have a job. Hard work and heavy lifting meant that most of my riding happend when my body was less than 100 percent.

After a lot of pain, physical therepy, prescription meds, and no success, I made a fateful decision. I would stop ridnig for a while, and see if my condition improved. Two years later, here I am. No better off, and no great riding memories from the last two seasons. So I have decided to throw myself back into my beloved sport. Slowly at first, but it is my belief that if I start riding again, at the very least, I can have my fun. And with any luck, less pain as well.

So, I bought a used xc bike, a 2004 Heckler, and dedicated myself to getting back into shape. That is what this blog is about, my journey back to where I left off.

Today, after work, I headed out on my new(to me) bike across the road from my house on an old loggging road to "get my feet wet." It was about 30 degrees, and a light coat of snow covered the ground.

After only two short ups and downs, I was breathing hard, my heart was pounding, and my legs were spent....I BONKED!!! But somehow, it still felt great! The bike performed very well, and I am very excited about the upcoming season.